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1. Cross platform operability

If you have used any of these scripts on an unreported platform (at the moment that means anything other than Linux!) can you please let me know if it works? Please specify which of the Ambisuite programs did (or did not) work.

I will publish a summary on the website.

2. Ambisonic equations

Does anyone have equations for yaw, pitch, roll beyond the basic. By that I mean ones above second-order generally, and ones for first order that involve combinations of movements?

I do already have some transformation equations, but am trying to 'double source' as much as possible. (Having tracked one insidious bug down I asked my daughter to check my maths. She confirmed the second calculation, but did have the grace to say that if she ever wrote equations like the ones in my source document she would lose marks.)

3. Code checking

Another eye to run through the maths and check it has been programmed properly, would not be amiss.

Short of that, reports of unusual output would be welcome. (One set of clipped tracks alerted me to an early bug in the code, for example.)

4. Code improvement

If/when the code stabilises it could be moved to Perl modules. But I have also toyed with moving it to C (rather than Perl). Suggestions from the more experienced are welcome.


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March 2008.

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