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Temporary documentation.

YAWING:  Rotates the input file from angle 'start' to 
angle 'stop'. The speed of the rotation is dependant on 
length of the input file. The speed is constant and not
('start' and 'stop' are in degrees.)
This is an early release and all rotations are anti-
clockwise; and 360 >'stop' >'start' > 0. This will change
and multiple rotations, clockwise rotations will be able
to be called with 'r'.
Usage "ambman --yawing in.wav out.wav start stop [r]"

A couple of trivial examples. First moving a mono-tone (monotonous tone) from 1° to 359° (that is roughly from straight ahead, passing through left, back, right and returning to straight ahead). The second is a 'faded in tone' that does the same progression.

screenshot of first order tone being yawed screenshot of first order rising tone being yawed


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October 2007.

Copyright © 2007 Michael Chapman.