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A Perl script that that manipulates ambisonic files. Should work on any platform with Perl and SoX installed, thusfar tested on Linux.


There is a growing list of options.

See the individual option pages for greater detail and important caveats!

These work on *.wav files. Just renaming myfile.amb to myfile.wav is fine. Output files are also in the form output.wav. As the manipulation completes you are asked if you would like the output converting to ambisonic (*.amb) format. The reason this is not done automatically, is that the conversion takes time. Not very much time, but if you are chaining commands (doing manipulation 'A', then 'B', etc.) there is no point doing the conversion until the end of the chain.

A summary of which work on what order of ambisonic files and, not least, what other software is need for them to work, is on the requirements page.

NOTE: Whilst these utilities produce ambisonic files, they do not really (without lots of additional effects) produce 'ambisonic sound'. The place option —for example— makes the sound appear to come from the specified coordinates but at best there is no reverberation or room echo (at worst there is some false sounds from the original recording!). So the effect is rather of the sound recorded in a padded cell (an anechoic chamber, as they are known in the trade).


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October 2007.

Copyright © 2007 Michael Chapman.