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A Perl script that:

  1. Converts channel notations.
    ambchan 12 or ambchan 3,0 or ambchan K
    all return the same output, that is that channel described by: The equation for the associated spherical harmonic is also returned for lower order channels. (This is in LaTeX notation. The advantage of removing any ambiguity from the formula is replaced by a not very readable style!)
  2. Converts notations for groups of channels (for example mixed order groups).
    ambchan hv=3,2 and ambchan hv=ffh
    will each return both values. That is (H,V) notation and Malham notation.
    Also returned are a listing of all the channels in such a grouping and the total number of channels.
Output is to the terminal. Should work on any platform with Perl installed, thusfar tested on Linux.

Sample outputs

Under construction.


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September 2008, modified September 2008.

Copyright © 2008 Michael Chapman.