Ambisonic experiments

The following pages detail some personal experiences with ambisonics. They also present some programs written to manipulate sound and, in particular, ambisonic files.
(For the author's studio work see his page at the centre U66 (location of studio).)

They are presented in the hope that the experiences, good and bad, may be of use to others taking the same or similar paths.

The pages should though be viewed as akin to Fred's favourite 100 Himalayan Recipes, if you are looking for more technical details try the standards pages on The Ambisonics Association site … or, of course a web search!


A trial cheap system

September 2007
  1. Cheap hardware
  2. Software
  3. Ganging audio cards
  4. Using audacity
  5. Wave Format Extensible and the .amb suffix orWAVEX and Ambisonics

The AMBISUITE Software Package

  1. AMBCALC a Perl script that prints out channel values for a given azimuth and elevation.
    Should work on any platform with Perl installed, thusfar tested on Linux.
  2. AMBINFO a Perl script that reads WAVEX header (same comment regarding platforms as ambcalc ).
  3. AMBMAN a Perl collection of utilities for manipulating, converting etc. ambisonic files.
  4. WAV2AMB a Perl script that 'corrects' the headers on Wave Format Extensible files (same comment regarding platforms as ambcalc ).

Twenty-six Positions (positions26)

A sample 'yawed' file


September 2007 (last updated July 2008).

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