Hyperambisonic tools and simple files

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In a recent paperAES124 the author promised, that whilst “Hyperambisonic files are not difficult to create … to facilitate discussion some trivial samples will be placed [on the Web] along with some basic manipulation tools, before the Convention” (i.e. May 2008).
This page is the index of that material.

  1. Amendments to the pre-print will be posted here after the Convention.
    (Including a revised Table 2.)
  2. The Convention Slides (970 KB, PDF format).
    The edited slides are more illustrative rather than being a written version of the presentation (for the latter see the actual paper above)..
  3. Audio files. A basic 'positions file' (five track WAV, four-dimensional, 168 MB) is available. (Copyright 2008. Licence: Creative Commons "share alike".)
    Other material is in preparation.
  4. Software has been produced, but awaits the release of SoX 14.1.0 to be usable.

For three-dimensional 'positions' utilities, see positions26, on this site.

Chapman, Michael. 2008.
New Dimensions for Ambisonics
Convention Paper, to be presented at the 124th Audio Engineering Society Convention 2008 May 17-20, Amsterdam.
Paper available from AES.

March 2008 (last updated July).

Copyright © 2008 Michael Chapman.